4 Verifone V200T Terminals with 1 x 10 pack Receipt rolls

The Verifone V200T comes equipped with more memory
and speed, an interactive user interface, commerce capabilities and enhanced security for added peace of mind.

Complete Sales Efficiently With The Verifone v200t Terminal. Keep it simple with the V200T. This lightweight terminal sports a poli-lithium battery, a coliurful display. Providing payWave, tap&go contactless payment, the v200t is an awesome paymark EFTPOS terminal. All forms of credit cards are possible as well as surcharging and tipping. It can print one, two or no receipt at all.


    • Colour LCD with sound capabilities to drive multimedia usage
    • Dual function Payment device
    • Enhanced Security


Rent this Eftpos machine for only

 $28.00 per month

1 x 10 pack Receipt rolls added to setup fee(Once Off)
NZ$259.00 (setup fee)
NZ$10.00 (shipping)

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