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Hire an eftpos terminal cheaper than anyone else. Upon completion of some automated forms and payment, we prep it and send it! Eftpos NZ terminal hire. All our terminals include a SIM card and are ready to go.




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We make the process simple for you

EzEftpos is designed for the smart business owner that doesn’t want lengthy contracts and high prices. Simplicity is our goal; payment terminals that work well, are fast and easy to use and don’t cost the earth.
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Eftpos terminal hire from $28/Month

You complete our form and we send You Your Terminal. Simple. Setup fee $99 

Verifone V200T

The Verifone V200T comes equipped with more memory and speed, an interactive user interface, commerce capabilities and enhanced security.

This lightweight terminal sports a poli-lithium battery, a coliurful display. Providing payWave, tap&go contactless payment. All forms of credit cards are possible as well as surcharging and tipping. It can print one, two or no receipt at all.

Rent this Eftpos Terminal for

$28.00 per month

Ingenico Desk/3200

The Desk/3000 series offers a seamless payment experience. It leverages the TELIUM application portfolio and complies with future security standards.

The Desk/3000 series enables NFC couponing and wallet use cases, in addition to EMV Chip & PIN, swipe and contactless.

Rent this Eftpos Terminal for

$32.00 per month

Verifone V240M

The V240m has a large 3.5” capacitive touchscreen and stunning HVGA resolution will open your business to new commerce opportunities.

This terminal boasts 8 hours of battery life and is built to be mobile. The v240m has a spark or Vodafone sim in it so connectivity is solved wherever there is respective mobile coverage. PayWave and tap&go connectivity is available together with PAN entry for phone payments.

Rent this Eftpos Terminal for

$36.00 per month

Eftpos Hire NZ

Our Eftpos machine Capabilities

Why Ezeftpos?

Why Choose EzEftpos?

EzEftpos is designed for the smart business owner that doesn’t want lengthy contracts and high prices.

No Term Contracts

EzEftpos is designed for the smart business owner that doesn’t want lengthy contracts and high prices. 

Low Monthly Hire

EzEftpos boasts the best low cost monthly plan for any Eftpos terminal in NZ. 

Single Form signup

Simply fill out our checkout form to with your preferred settings, Merchant number and business address. Simple.

No Hidden Fees

The monthly cost you see is the monthly cost that you pay. absolutely no hidden fees.

Simple Setup

We will provide your EFTPOS, ready to go with a Sim card so you don’t need to worry about any connectivity issues. 

Customized Solutions

Tailor made Eftpos features for hospitality and retail including Tipping, surcharge and number of receipts. 


Eftpos Machine Receipt Rolls

Order more Eftpos Receipt rolls for your Eftpos terminals or visit Techlogic for all your Point of Sale needs.

Frequently Asked Questions


Most common Questions and Answers about the  EzEftpos Process

Why deal with EZ EFTPOS?

We have been in the eftpos industry as a dealer for more than 25 years – we simply saw a way to serve you better.

What happens when I no longer need the terminal?

Just send it back! Click here  to find out more.

How EZ is it to sign up?

Very EZ! Just order it an we’ll send it. Send it back when you’re finished.

Can I do weekly payments?

Not yet, but soon!

What happens if my machine breaks down?

If the terminal simply doesn’t work, just send it back with an explanation of what happened and your contact details. Depending on what happened we can replace the terminal for you and there may or may not be some additional charges to get the bad one repaired – this is typically only the case if the machine wasn’t looked after (i.e. it was dropped).

What if I need it long term?

That’s fine – just hold on to it – we will just charge you on the anniversary of your hire of it.

Would you like to speak to us?

if you are unsure about the setup process, Contact Our Team

EzEftpos is designed for the smart business owner that doesn’t want lengthy contracts and high prices. Order your Eftpos Terminal by filling out our simple Order form.